Fabio Francini

Founder and Owner

Fabio taught swimming in Miami Dade County for over 20 years, he worked extensively with any age and level ensuring a stronger and a safer community.

Carly Harowitz

Swim Instructor

My name is Carly Harowitz, I am 24 years old, and I am from New Jersey. I was a competitive swimmer for over 10 years, and I have been teaching lessons since I was 16. My greatest passions in life are swimming and teaching others

Isabella Tusa

Swim Instructor

My name is Isabella Tusa, I am 20 years old, and I am from Chicago, IL. I am currently a collegiate beach volleyball player, and I have been teaching swim lessons for 4 years. I enjoy teaching others to swim and improve!

Maxine Grosswald

Swim Instructor

I am a native to Miami. I have been swimming since I was 3 and have loved the water my whole life. I was on swim teams throughout school and have always used water as a way to relax and have fun. I am a social worker by trade but also dabble in painting and teaching. 

Daniel Abraham Perez

Swim Instructor

My name is Daniel A. Perez,

I’m 22 years old, from Miami. I competed in swimming for over 10 years and have been giving lessons to both children and adults for 3 years now! I love teaching others how to improve their swimming techniques and enabling others to be confident in their athletic abilities.

Angela Negron

Swim Instructor

Hi my name is Angela Negrón my goal is to get your child or you confident in the water, as Shakespeare once said “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” 

Jesus Villarroel

Swim Instructor

Jesus with an extensive experience of over 15 years with any age and level can help you to achieve even the most seemingly impossible missions… your child’s relationship with water and swimming will improve instantly with his influence!

Diana Martinez

Swim Instructor

My name is Diana Martinez, I’m from Colombia, Swimming has always been part of my life. I really enjoy teaching, I am an ontological coach so I specialize in managing children’s emotions as well as making them feel confident and capable of overcoming fears.

Jennifer Aguila

Swim Instructor

Jennifer can teach any age and level., from 6 months of age up to adults. Expert in drowning prevention she will make your class fun and effective from the very first one. She’s been working with us since 2017.

Veronica Ogutu

Swim Instructor

My Name is Veronica,

I’m very excited to be a part of Swimming School Miami! 

Growing up in aquatics myself as a district champion, lifeguard, and aquatics manager being in the pool is like home!

I’ve dedicated my career to being an athlete, mentor, coach, early childhood teacher and behavioral/speech therapist for children.

My approach is nurturing and fun while challenging each child to their ability. My goal is for each child to become confident and independent in the water ! I look forward to teaching your little one this summer 🌞

When I’m not in the pool I’m curating wellness events/retreats for the community that focuses on both physical health and personal development!

Paulina Yanes

Swim Instructor

My name is Paulina Yanes and I am from Miami,Florida. I have been teaching swim lessons for two years to children as young as five years old. Having been a competitive swimmer for four years, I became a certified lifeguard and taught other water-related activities such as paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking. I’ve worked with children for the past five years as a tutor, a camp counselor and babysitter. Working with children opens a whole perspective on how one views the world and it is very rewarding work. I want to ensure that they’re not only learning the valuable skills they need,but having fun while doing so! Being very passionate about teaching others and swimming, I look forward to using my passions to teach others a skill that can be life changing!


Swim Instructor

Hi, I’m Bryan. I began swimming at 3 years old. At 7, I began swimming competitively. I began instructing others my age and younger at 14 years old while I was involved in volunteer programs. Over the years I have learned many techniques in teaching and gained experience with all ages(infants to seniors). Always guranteeing that the student learns how to effectively swim in pool.